Holiday 2021 Shopping Trend Predictions

According to KPMG, e-commerce holiday sales are expected to reach between $210 billion and $218 billion this year, compared to $189 billion last season. Check out a few 2021 Holiday shopping trends and prepare your ecommerce business this holiday season.

  SMS Marketing will Explode: Heading into the 2021 holiday season, it will be important for retailers and ecommerce brands to find ways to lower shipping costs to zero.
Consumers Want Free Shipping: Text messages aren't just delivered. they are being read and they are generating sales. The average open rate is between 90%-98%; consumers like to get information by text. Getting on board with SMS marketing can put ecommerce vendors ahead and make a huge difference during this season. 
  Tap into Discovery Commerce: A Facebook poll found that 66% of users had discovered a new ecommerce retailer through the site. Utilizing social media and targeting new customers before they even intend to buy can bring you new customers to your products before they even know they're looking for them.

Consumers want authentic, personalized relationships: Consumers are most likely to shop with brands that can fulfill their needs (41%) and improve their lives (20%). But it’s important to remember that every customer is an individual with unique needs, wants, and interests.

What does this mean for retailers? These holiday shopping trends show that, more than ever, shoppers want retailers they can form an authentic relationship with. As a result, retailers need to personalize their marketing campaigns using up-to-date data. With powerful solutions that enable excellent, individualized user experiences, retailers can take advantage of consumers’ increased appetite to spend.