Designing Emails for Conversions – Top 3 Principles for Success

Designing for conversions has the power to turbocharge KPIs like open rates, click through rates, and ultimately, revenue. Check out these best practices for optimizing design for conversion. Strategically design your emails from header to footer using these three principles.

  1. Determine your purpose – Before you start creating something new, ask yourself what action you want your audience to take. Even if your primary goal is to sell, your email’s function is to get the customer to a landing page where they can learn more about your product or service.
  2.  Know your Audience and your Competition – Audiences convert when they understand what’s going on. Knowing which design elements your audience is most familiar with allows you to pick and choose what to imitate and where you can differentiate from the competition.
  3. Test Design Elements – Optimizing design relies on continuous feedback. What you can do is choose one design element to A/B test each time you send an email. In addition, pay attention to qualitative data to understand how your users react to emails. Dig deeper by conducting user surveys or interviews with active subscribers.