Top 5 Ecommece Trends to Look for in 2022

While physical stores aren't going away, consumers want choice and convenience, Check out these top ecommerce trends you need to prepare for in 2022. 

1. Diverse Payment Methods - Customers want the option to choose their preferred payment method during the checkout process. Interest free financing solutions like buy now, pay later as well as 1-click payment options will grow in popularity and are more likely to build trust, reduce cart abandonment and encourage shoppers to spend more. 

2. Subscriptions and Loyalty Programs - We can expect subscription and loyalty programs to continue to grow, providing convenience, exclusivity, and savings to shoppers. 

3. Mobile Commerce - Mobile commerce sales in the US are expected to double between now and 2025.  A solid mobile commerce experience will keep your customers coming back to your business and ensure your sales continue to grow in years to come. 

4. Buyer Journey Optimization - Ecommerce has become the primary customer purchase path for businesses. To optimize your buyer paths, focus on improving your product search, providing rich product merchandising, and nailing your fulfillment and return processes. 

5. Social Commerce - More people are turning to social media to browse for new products and brands. Partnering with influencers and leveraging paid advertising and in-app shopping features are sure to drive sales.