1.  For flash sales, ‘pay your age’ bundles, buy 1 x get y buy 2 x get z promos, mystery bundles, etc. will we have control over creating those bundles and pricing them accordingly?  Yes, you will all still be in complete control over your store and can make your own bundles as needed. You can also ask your account manager to create these bundles/sales for you, it is included in the Commerce12 service. Additional charges may apply depending on the application used.

2.  What's the % fee that the payment plan takes if people use payment plans such as Afterpay, Klarna and Sezzle?  As of right now, Pinwheel itself does not yet offer a Buy Now, Pay Later integration option, however Sezzle can be integrated as an additional option for payment. Sezzle is also considered as separate payment processor and will be a separate fee from the Shopify/Pinwheel fees below.

3.  Is there a referral program option available in Shopify? Yes. We will gladly install the Conjured Referrals application on your store. This application charges $29 a month. Feel free to learn more here.

4.  Can I make individual coupon codes per client? Yes, you can create any codes you would like.

5.  Who is responsible for the $250 monthly site management fee?  Pure Romance will be covering the $250 site management for the first 6 months. The partners will have the option after the 6 months to continue with Commerce12 as their marketing partner, however this fee will then, in turn, be assumed by the individual partners.

6. If Shopify offers a point of sale, can we use that and does it link to my Shopify website so I don't have to have to have two systems? If so, how much is Shopify point of sale? More information about Shopify POS can be found here.

7.  With Shopify POS, are there any additional fees that apply? Included in your Shopify plan is POS Lite. This will allow for in-person credit card transactions, mobile POS, order & product management as well as customer profiles. Your credit card rates will be the same as Pinwheel fees stated below. POS Hardware (i.e. credit card readers) are NOT included and are available for purchase.

Shopify/Pinwheel fees: 

The combined transaction fee structure for Shopify & Pinwheel (the payment processor required in order to sell this particular category of product.) is:

5.95% per transaction + $20 a month. 

For The First 6 Months (assuming all services will be used without any additional applications i.e. referral app, buy-now-pay later app etc.), Partners will be responsible for the following payments: 

  • $300 upfront for initial set-up (Shopify, Email + SMS) 
  • Shopify $29/mo ($29 x 6 months = $174)
  • Email + SMS $10/mo ($10 x 6 months = $60)
  • Pinwheel $20/mo ($20 x 6 months = $120) 
  • PLUS: 

    $50 for 5,000 credits for SMS/MMS (dependent on sends)

    Per Transaction = 5.95% Shopify & pinwheel processing fees


    1.  For the email platform monthly fee ($10) how many emails are included? Is this a flat fee regardless of the amount of emails sent? Yes, it is a flat fee. Commerce12 will create up to 4 emails a month for you (promo, product feature, holiday etc.) however you have the ability to access Sendlane yourself for other email deployments.

    2.  Can I use Commerce12 for email services only? Yes! We now offer flexible service options so that you can customize your partnership with us. This fee structure is below.

    C12 Monthly Service fee = $250 (flat fee)
    3 platforms one-time set-up fee = $300
    2 platforms one-time set-up fee = $250
    1 platform one-time set-up fee = $150

    3.  How will the monthly marketing meeting be structured?  A Commerce12 representative will take the time to review monthly performance reporting for email, SMS and text messaging. We will discuss and review key performance indicators and assess (together) what seems to be working and where there are opportunities for improvement. We will also discuss and review your monthly calendars and plan for the upcoming month ahead in regard to messaging and promotions.

    4.  Can there be customizations to emails and site elements?  We can accommodate for customizations in all of the templates to the emails that we create for the group. We can also handle requests for customizations on a case by case basis.


    1.  Are we able to text our customers/team back and have a conversation?  Yes, two way text messaging is an available feature through the reply center on Sendlane.

    2.  With Project Broadcast if we chat with them through one on one messages (chat conversations) it doesn’t charge us or use credits, even when we send pictures. Will this be the same way?  No, you will be charged per message sent. You will not be charged for messages received.

    3.  We don't have mandatory opt in with Project Broadcast or Engage so if we created a keyword and tag when they opt in, is that sufficient enough if we switch over?  Yes, they can be imported in, so long as they were compliantly opted in via a keyword or contact card i.e. compliance language displayed (“By opting into email and SMS you agree to receiving promotional messages.”)

    4.  Can we keep the same number we have?  In regard to carrying over an existing SMS number, we are exploring the viability of making this happen with our SMS partner and will update this FAQ when more information is available.

    5.  Can we call from our number like we do now? [uses our PB phone number to call].  No, sorry this isn't a feature.

    6.  If we can tag our clients for different categories such as birthdays, why can't we tag our team members if that's a function? You will be able to tag/segment team members, and add attributes like birthdays.

    7.  Do we have the option that automatically inputs our customer/team member’s name so that the message doesn’t seem like spam? Yes, our SMS platform has this feature.

    8.  Can I set up scheduled campaigns for hostess coaching? Yes, we can duplicate this text flow.

    9.  Do the texts come from a 5 digit phone number or 10 digit phone number? It will be a 10-digit number. 

    SMS Fee Working Example: 

    For 500 SMS subscribers we recommend purchasing $50 credit for 5,000 credits.

    Sending a plain text SMS campaign: 500 x 1 = 500 credits used 

    Sending a MMS campaign: 500 x 5 = 2,500 credits used

    500 + 2,500 = 3,000 credits will be used for these two campaigns.

    Features not available on Engage/Project Broadcast that are available on Sendlane: 

    > Ability to add pop ups to your Shopify store to grow your SMS list

    > Transactional & behavioral automations including abandon carts

    > Segment your sms list based on transactional history and most importantly you will be compliant with TCPA 

    Text opt-in language: 

    By submitting your phone number you agree to receiving automated marketing text messages. Message frequency may vary. Message and data rates may apply. To opt out, reply STOP.

    For more information, please visit our Pure Romance page.