Shopify vs Shopify Plus: 5 Key Differences You Need To Know

Shopify vs Shopify Plus

Because the regular version of Shopify provides a very powerful set of ecommerce tools, many stores find themselves wondering if they actually need to use Shopify Plus. 

What makes Shopify Plus different from the standard Shopify? Why are large businesses moving to Shopify Plus? What benefits do you get? Keep reading to find out!

  1. Shopify ‘Organization Admin’

The Shopify Organization Admin tool is available exclusively on Shopify Plus and lets you operate multiple stores from one dashboard. If you run several Shopify stores, you can manage all of them from one Shopify account. This feature also allows you to access analytics, manage users, edit stores and build automations for any of your stores. 

  1. Advanced Apps

Shopify already gives you access to many different apps and integrations, but Shopify Plus gives you a further range of apps to choose from.

  1. Unlimited Users

Shopify Plus allows an unlimited number of team members to access your Shopify store's back end, whereas regular Shopify plans limit the number of users.

  1. More Inventory Locations

With Shopify Plus, you can store and manage your inventory in more locations than the regular plans. Regular Shopify accounts allow 4-8 inventory locations, depending on plan type. The location limit on Shopify Plus is 20.

  1. Checkout and Currency

Shopify Plus gives you the ability to fully customize your checkout process by giving access to the code behind the checkout templates. They also automatically set your customers’ country and currency based on their IP address, making an easier shopping experience.