Email Marketing Trends to Supercharge your Summer

Summer is in full swing, and e-commerce brands are seeking the best strategies to connect with their audience. Check out these top 3 email marketing trends to supercharge your brand during the summer months!

  1. Personalization in Email Marketing – Customers want to feel valued by the companies that they invent in. A key trend to follow would be to leverage AI to create personalized emails that speak to your consumers.
  2. Make it More Interactive – Interactive marketing greatly increases engagement and is becoming even more popular as tech progresses. Some great strategies to use could be, Gifs, clear CTAs and interactive carousels to showcase products.
  3. Incorporating User Generated Content Into Your Emails – By implementing UGC into your emails, consumers are more likely to trust a service or a product if they can see positive customer feedback from real people – increasing their chance of becoming a converting, paying customer!