5 Simple eCommerce Email Marketing Tips

  1. Offer Exclusive Discounts to Loyal Customers - One of the best ways to keep your most loyal customers coming back to your store again and again with a loyalty rewards program. Adding a sign up on your site and creating a specific email list for these customers is a great way to promote exclusive products, newsletters, and discounts.
  1. Send Promotional Sales Emails for All Subscribers - Seasonal and holiday-themed sales email marketing campaigns are a great way to get the attention of subscribers who haven’t yet taken the step from window-shopper to consumer.
  1. Set up a Referral Program - With a referral program, leads coming to your eCommerce business get there through social proof from someone in their own network that they already trust. Referral programs are also a great way to help build segmented lists to send exclusive promotions and discounts to. 
  1. Ask Engaged Customers for Reviews - When you have engaged customers that are buying from your store and clicking on your emails, you should feel confident to reach out to them and ask for a review. Reviews can be the best thing for businesses that exist solely in the ecommerce space. Reading dozens of reviews that indicate good quality and services create an online reputation that other customers can trust.
  1. Send Notifications About Back in Stock or Wishlist Items - If a product is out of stock, it’s a great idea to let shoppers sign up to be notified when that item is available again. Also, if you let shoppers set up wishlists, it is a great idea to set up an automatic email to send them updates about those products.