5 Ecommerce Design Trends to Elevate your Website

1. Scrolling Product Images: Faster viewing makes for faster purchases. Scrolling product images streamline the browsing experience, allowing potential buyers to quickly assess a product

2. Intersecting Elements: Playful use of layers and composition make for a sleek and unconventional look. Overlapping contrasting elements make for a minimalist yet visually dynamic website. 

3. Lifestyle Photography: Rather than lifeless product photos, photographs that demonstrate the product in use can give an ecommerce site an engaging edge. 

4. Integrated Video: Integrated video is a visually delightful way to exhibit product features and benefits. It distinguishes itself from background videos and traditional press-to-play mediums in that it plays in harmony with the overall website design. 

5. Out of the Box Product Pages: Utilizing hero images and the creative juxtaposition of image and text, product photos are breaking free from conventional photo boxes and making a big impression to consumers.